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Crown copyright - MOD

Unless otherwise indicated*, the images presented on this website have been produced by military staff, or civil servants who work for the Ministry of Defence (MOD), and thus are subject to Crown copyright. The MOD has a delegation to deal with Crown copyright material produced by its staff on behalf of Her Majesty's Stationary Office (HMSO). This is managed by the MOD's Defence Intellectual Property Rights team (DIPR).

In order to use images on this website you will need a licence. A licence is a set of permissions that sets out what you can and cannot use images for.

Selected, pre-cleared Crown copyright images have been made available for use under the Open Government Licence (OGL). You are encouraged to use these images freely and flexibly, with only a few conditions. These images can be downloaded at high resolution from the "Downloadable" section of this website.

The images on this website that are available under the OGL are denoted with this logo next to them:

Image available under the Open Government License icon This file is available for reuse under the OGL (Open Government Licence).

Any reproduction of these images must be acknowledged in the following way: "Crown copyright" followed by the year in which the image was taken. For example, for an image taken today, the correct acknowledgement is:

"Crown copyright 2021".

There are other images on this website where the OGL does not apply. These images are denoted with this logo next to them:

Reuse restrictions apply iconThe reuse of this file is currently limited.

This may be because the image contains personal data, or is otherwise deemed inappropriate for use under the MOD CL or OGL. Some of these images are available for the purposes of reporting current news only, and are thus subject to use under Crown Copyright MOD News Licence terms.

In general, Crown copyright material which has not been made available under the OGL or Crown Copyright MOD News Licence, cannot be re-used or reproduced for any other purpose, unless permission has been granted to you in writing by DIPR. This permission, which is not necessarily guaranteed, will take the form of a written copyright licence from DIPR, and may involve a charge.

*Images specifically acknowledging the copyright of a third party are not covered by MOD's delegation from HMSO. If you wish to use an image that states the copyright owner is not the Crown (ie it does not say "Crown copyright"), you will need to seek permission from the copyright owner directly, as MOD cannot give you a licence to use someone else's work.

MOD customers

If you are part of the MOD, and require imagery available under the MOD News Licence. Please send an email request to:

Please include the full ID number of the image required, starting with "451", and explain your request and the exact use. This will allow a decision to be made on whether or not to grant permission.

For more information on Crown copyright in general, please visit The National Archives website, or contact the Information Policy Team at The National Archives by email: