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General guidance

Before contacting us to request high resolution images, view our "Downloadable" section. These images are available to download and may be reused under the terms of the Open Government Licence.

The imagery within the rest of the website is limited for reuse, and is made available for the purposes of News and Editorial use only, and are thus subject to use under the MOD Crown Copyright News / Editorial Licence terms.

Attribution/credit statement

Please correctly reference the origin of any photos used, as follows: "Image by (name); © Crown copyright (year)".

Example: Image by Mark Phillips; © Crown copyright 2023.

The photographers name, can be located in the image preview page, when the thumbnail is clicked.

Please note that if there are any issues with a particular image you have requested, such as ownership, consent, or data protection, this may not be automatic and you may be advised to select alternatives.

Please note that the Defence Imagery website is not set up to act as a commercial online picture desk; as such it takes a minimum of two working days to supply images.

Historical imagery, and the role of The Imperial War Museum (IWM)

If you are looking for imagery that is over five years old, please contact the Imperial War Museum.

The Imperial War Museum is the National Museum of Modern Conflict in the United Kingdom. It records all aspects of modern war, including the causes, course and consequences of conflict. Under the Imperial War Museum Acts of Parliament of 1920 and 1955, the Museum is required to record the military, political, social and cultural impact of such conflict on Britain and the Commonwealth, their allies and enemies, reflecting the experience of both the armed services and civilians. The IWM Photograph Archive and the IWM Film and Video Archive have been appointed as places of deposit for government photographs, film and video which relate to subjects within the terms of reference of the IWM under the Public Records Act 1958 Section 4(1).

To support the preservation of the official imagery in its care, the IWM is licensed by HMSO to reproduce and administer the rights of MOD and other Crown copyright imagery in its care.

MOD customers

If you are part of the MOD, and require imagery which is not available in the "Downloadable" section. Please send an email request to:

Please include the full "filename" of the image/video required and explain your request and the exact use. This will allow a decision to be made on whether or not to grant permission.

MOD contractors

If you need imagery to meet the requirements of a MOD contract, they should be provided to you as 'Government Furnished Assets' under the auspices of the contract in place. Please contact your MOD point of contact (POC) for matters concerning the contract, giving them a link to the image and also quoting the full "filename".

Your MOD POC should then place a request for the image/video, quoting the full "filename", and noting the relevant contract number to: Digital copies will then be sent to the MOD POC for onward transmission to you.


If you require information relating to a news story, please call the press office duty line on: 0207 218 7907 (24hrs), or email:

Members of the press requiring Defence imagery, in support of current news stories, should contact us on: 0207 218 6997, or email:

Technical Issues

If you are experiencing any technical issues using this website, or wish to provide feedback. Please contact the website administrator on: 0207 218 6997, or email:

All other imagery related requests

Please contact us using the details below.

Defence Imagery Team
Ministry of Defence
Main Building
Tel : +00 44 (0)207 218 6842